Gulfstream G450 Performance and Technical Specifications
Date of Manufacture: 2014
Start of Operation: 2015
Passenger Capacity: 14 passengers
Cruising Speed: 0.85 Mach (Max. 0,88 Mach)
Maximum Altitude: 45,000 ft
Engines: Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8C
Power Ratings: 2 x 61,61 kN (Take off), 55,25 kN (Continuous)
Maximum Range: 4350 nm (8,056 km)
Other Features

Forward 4-place beige leather club, mid-cabin LS 4-place beige leather conference group, aft RS 4-place gray colored coordinating fabric divan opposite 2-place beige leather club, jumpseat. Lower sidewall panels w/decorative accent. Forward crew galley fully w/gasper cooled storage, high-temperature & microwave ovens, coffeemaker & Aerolux espresso machine w/cups, saucers & spoon.

Mid-cabin credenza incorporating the entertainment system w/Airshow 4000 (V2) & enhanced vision system video interface for viewing FLIR camera images, audio/visual package, 19-inch LCD monitor above credenza. Sky Lounger berthing pads, quartz polymer countertop surface material, removable bulkhead w/curtain between cabin areas 2 & 3, spare single seat bottom, seat cushion, lav ashtrays & placards, aft hard partition divider, vacuum lavs, polished silver colored plating, Sky Lounger berthing pads.

HAWKER 900 XP Performance and Technical Specifications
Date of Manufacture: 2009
Passenger Capacity: 6 passengers
Cruising Speed: 465 nm/h
Maximum Altitude: 12,497 m (41.000 ft)
Engines: Honeywell TFE-731-50R
Power Ratings: 4660 lb
Maximum Range: 2.600 nm (4.815 km)
Other Features

Advanced heating and cooling system provides a pleasant cabin environment separate from cockpit settings. Leather seats, club seating arrangement, functional desk, reading lamp, adjustable sunscreens, CD audio system and automatic oxygen masks offer the ultimate in elegance, comfort and safety. A rich selection of cold and hot dishes and beverages are served during flights.